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Tourism and rest on the Lake Baikal

Ready to meet us? We are the Radian-Tour team and we are glad to welcome you on our page!

For more than 20 years, we have been organizing tours throughout Russia and, in particular, in gorgeous Siberia. What can we offer you? A huge sea of unforgettable impressions and emotions!

With us you will see the beauty and splendor of the holy sea, whose water is clear and transparent, like crystal. You will take a big trip on a ship along the waves of the Lake Baikal, feeling its breath and depth. You will breathe in the Baikal air, filled with the aroma of taiga and its forbs. You will try dishes of the Siberian peoples, including the fragrant rich fish soup cooked over a campfire. You will taste incredibly delicious tea from taiga collections. You will learn and sing one of the most soulful songs in the circle of new friends around the campfire. With us you will touch the heart of Siberia and the most secret corners of its soul.

We will tell you the legends and stories surrounding the holy Baikal. We will acquaint you with locals and their leisure time. We will prepare for you the most delicious dishes that you have ever eaten, as well as do everything possible so that you definitely want to return.

Years of experience, close relations with the local population and a wide knowledge of destinations let us successfully create and realize tourism programs with the best combination of price and quality of services provided to each client