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Expedition of Nicolas Vanier «Siberian Odyssey»

Expedition of Nicolas Vanier «Siberian Odyssey»

The expedition took place from December 2005 to March 2006.

Its purpose – to attract people's attention to the need to protect nature and talk about the dangers that threaten these territories and the planet as a whole.

For 4 montha, Nicloas Vanier made his way of 8000 km dogsled from the Southern tip of Lake Baikal to Moscow. During the expedition he crossed the Sayan mountains, Central Siberian Plateau, the West Siberian Plain, the Ural Mountains, the East European Plain and finished his adventure in Moscow on Red Square.

During the expedition he was accompanied by a team of friends who shot a movie about his adventure.

Our functions: participation in preparation and organization of the expeditions, accompaniment of the team.

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