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Movie «SERKO»

Movie «SERKO»

Release date: 2006

  • Country: France
  • Roman Zhilkin, Andrey Astrakhantsev, Ksenia Gromova, Edward Tsenzor

  • Premiere was held on March 26, 2006
  • Director: Joël Farges
  • Genre: Drama
  • Starring: Alexey Chadov, Jacques Gamblin, Marina Kim, Larisa Baturova, Anya Petushinova.
  • In 2005, In Irkutsk region and Buryatia there was held shooting of the movie "Serko". There were several stages: in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Some episodes were filmed in the museum of wooden architecture "Taltsy" and in the surroundings of Listvianka village.

    Our functions: assistance in the shooting process.

    The main character - Cossack Dmitriy Peshkov rides on his horse Serko for a long trip across the country: from Blagoveshensk to Saint-Petersburg to the Tsar in order to seek protection for their Evenk friends suffering from tsarist officials.

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