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Cape Izhimey

Cape Izhimey is located in the north-eastern part of Olkhon, and Mount Zhima is considered the highest point on the island and has an altitude of 1276 m. The name came from the Buryat word "Ein" – the owner of the area. It is believed that the mountain is the place of residence of deities, so the way for ordinary people there is closed. According to the stories, the spirit of the mountain is personified by a gray-bearded old man.

In the 1950s, N. M. Revyakin, an Olkhon local historian, climbed the mountain and found a hut and a wooden house with an altar for sacrifices. apparently, a shaman lived on the top, who conducted ritual rites here.

The western side of the mountain is covered with dense impenetrable forest. In this area, the highest elevation difference between the lowest point of the lake bottom and the highest point of the island is recorded. Not far from Mount Zhima, the deepest place was discovered – 1637 m. It is surprising that long before the official announcement of this, there was a myth among the people that not far from the mountain is the entrance to the kingdom of the dead Erlik Khan.

To date, the ascent of the mountain is carried out only with an escort. This is a test for trained tourists, because the path will be through dense thickets of spruce without any trails on the way.

Mount Zhima is a place full of mysteries and dangers, so you can often hear advice from local residents to avoid this place.