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Cape Sagan-Khushun

Cape Sagan-Khushun is translated from the Buryat language as "white cape", it was named so because of the light marble from which the rocks on the cape are made. Sagan-Khushun is a picturesque rocky cape, the length of which is about 1 km. The white marble rocks are thickly overgrown with red lichens. The second name of the cape: Three Brothers, because of the three rocks located on the cape. There is a legend about 3 brothers who disobeyed their shaman father, for which they were turned into blocks of stone.

From the Cape Sagan-Khushun offers a great view of the Strait of the Small sea and the Baikal ridge. On the West side there is an entrance to a small cave, but this entrance is closed by a large triangular stone. Research shows that the cave is 9 meters long, 6 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. This cave may have been larger, as locals say that a flock of sheep could have hidden in it before. During excavations, Moscow Professor F. F. Talygin found in this cave a small wooden box with an eagle, apparently buried according to an ancient custom.

On all the rocks of the Baikal shores, you can see a variety of patterns of lichens that have been growing here for thousands of years. lichens are very sensitive to chemical contamination and serve as a kind Of indicator of air purity. thus, on The island of olkhon, the air is Crystal clear. According to the study, the age of some lichens on Cape Sagan-Khushun can range from 1.5 to 10 thousand years.