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Khoboy Cape


Khoboy Cape means "fang" or "molar" in Buryat language. Khoboy is the northernmost cape on the island of Olkhon; and the rock resembles a woman's profile if you look at it from the sea.

Фото A local legend says that this profile belonged to a Buryat woman turned to stone by gods for she had been envious of her husband.

Another legend tells of a dragon which flying over the sacred Lake, dropped its fang that went deep into the land and turned into a rock.

Some scientists believe that this saga is associated with the memories of the fall of some cosmic body (possibly a small meteorite) that happened many thousands of years ago. Locals assure that sometimes one can meet the spirits of one's dead ancestors or see one's own previous incarnations. Today the Cape is chosen for various meditations by different spiritual schools who want to experience unity with nature and feel ancient energies.

The place is also characterized by a polyphonic echo which is reflected from the monolithic rock. In winter you can shoot stunning photos of snowy grottos filled with huge icicles and landwashes of frozen water.