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Barguzin Valley

The Barguzin valley, the unique beauty of landscapes, wealth of natural complexes, history, culture, is considered one of the most promising tourist destinations of the Baikal region. It goes through the way from lake Baikal to the Barguzin ridge, springs and resorts of Kurumkansky district. The world Bank named it among the best eco-tourism areas, and the authors of the international Russian-American project "Integrated programme of land-use policies for the Russian territory of the Baikal basin" (the"Project Davis", 1993.) offered to turn the valley into a national Park.

The valley is gradually becoming a relatively independent tourist area, closely adjoining to another tourist area - the Podlemorye. These areas are closely linked to prirodovedecka, economic, and recreational tourism have one common centre - the village of Ust-Barguzin, through which the movement of tourists in different directions. The tourist specialization of the Barguzin valley: active tourism in the Barguzin mountain range (Hiking, skiing, rafting, mountaineering etc.), water in the Barguzin river and its tributaries, health tourism with hot and cold mineral waters, natural, educational and cultural-educational excursions, rural tourism, eco-tourism.

Beautiful nature, mild climate, fertile land have attracted people here. The name of the valley and the name of the Barguzin river derived from the tribal name of barguts, once inhabited the valley - the Northern part of the country of Bargudzhin-Tukum. In the valley of the many religious (sacred) places, belonging to different tribes and peoples.

Chronicle of the Barguzin valley is replete with events. Some of them are described by historians and ethnographers, the other is contained in legends. Here is one of the main shrines of the Northern Buddhist world - mountain, Baraggan. There were built Buddhist datsans and Orthodox churches. Before the October revolution Barguzin was the place where the tsarist Russian government exiled his political opponents, among them were the Decembrists. With the Barguzin valley is linked to the history of gold mining in Transbaikalia. Gold was mined in taiga and sent to the center of Russia and to Israel. Here were found also copper. During the civil war in the valley was created guerrilla groups, which resisted the army of ataman Semenova. Here, according to one version rested the ashes of the great Hungarian revolutionary poet Sandor Petofi.

The valley is located in intermountain basin, through which flows the river Barguzin. Along the river in the direction of lake Baikal sometimes the wind blows Barguzin referred to in the well-known song "Glorious sea - sacred Baikal". In the middle of the mountain taiga is a vast steppe with typical steppe plants. Significant areas occupied by meadows, marshes, there are areas of sand. There are several mineral springs with good curative properties.

Valley of the Barguzin river is framed by two mountain ranges: Barguzin and Ikat. The ridges are densely forested taiga. The adjacent portions of the BarGubinskogo, ikat and ridges of North-bound passes; this creates opportunities for organizations of different complexity of tourist routes.

Barguzin valley is home to several monuments, some of them are monuments of nature. On its territory there are protected areas: the dzherginskiy reserve and Ulanski sanctuary. In the modern administrative structure of the Republic of Buryatia, Barguzin valley is divided into two areas: the Barguzin with its center in the village of Barguzin and kurumkanskogo centre in the village Kurumkan.

The length of the Barguzin valley is 230 km, ending the settlements is the settlement of Ust-Barguzin located 270 km from Ulan-Ude, and local resort umhey, (territory kurumkanskiy district), located 500 km from Ulan-Ude. Road Ulan-Ude-umha (Barguzinsky trakt) has paved and unpaved sections. It passes at the foot of the Barguzinsky mountain range along the right side of the Barguzin river. There is a bus service between the village of Barguzin valley and Ulan-Ude. On the left side of the river is highway, but it has long not been repaired, some of the bridges across the river destroyed. Some sections of this road can be used for movement. From resort umha further North of lake Baikal there is a road but it is passable only to heavy vehicles.

Settlements of Barguzinskaya valley is located mainly along it. In the Barguzin and Ikat ridges flanking the valley settlements there. In the village of Ust-Barguzin operates the business information centre "Podlemorye" administration of the Barguzin district, which has information about hotels, hostels, guest houses and can assist in placement in Ust-Barguzin and in other localities of Podlemorye and the Barguzin valley. The center is developing tourist routes, organizes tourist trips and excursions. The village is a squad of search-and-rescue service of EMERCOM of Russia and the management of the state.public national Park "Zabaykalsky". The village is conveniently located on the shore of the Barguzin Bay, where there is a nice sandy beach, and is a very popular place to visit in the summer.

In the settlements of the valley are functioning libraries, rural houses of culture, clubs, cultural and recreational associations, music schools, schools of arts, people's muzykalnye groups and theatres, museums. Price information and collections have centers of children and youth creativity centers, and Buryat and Evenk culture.

Currently, the development of tourism in the valley is at an early stage. In it there is not yet a developed tourist centres and tourism regions. While there are no comfortable hotels and tourist bases, there are tourist organizations that have a license. Organization of tours in the Barguzin valley and the Podlemorye best left to the tour operators represented in the list of tour agencies of Buryatia, business information centre "Podlemorye", or head to the information centre of tourism in Ulan-Ude.