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Bolshoi Ushkany Island

Bolshoi Ushkany Island is a part of the Ushkany Islands group. It rises from the water as a mountain to a height of 216 m. It runs from west to east for 5 km with a width of about 3 km. The Bolshoi Island is known for three caves on the northeastern shore at the foot of calcareous cliffs with open areas where man of the New Stone Age (5000-4000 years ago) had been living.

On the Bolshoi Island, a pristine forest of tall larch and pine trees is well preserved. Under the trees there are dense thickets of Daurian rhododendron, whose bushes are covered with many bright purple flowers in spring. In early summer, unusual sea kale blooms abundantly on the steep banks of the islands. Cliffs completely covered with brown lichen are also noteworthy.

Despite the remoteness, approximately 150 people visit these islands annually. Near the islands it is shallow, and in calm weather stones on the bottom of Lake Baikal are clearly visible. In winter, many open water patches appear around the islands, and a trip on ice here is preferable with an ice guide.