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Elantsy village

Elantsy is a large village with four thousand inhabitants, besides the population is gradually growing.

The village is situated on the banks of the Anga River flowing into Lake Baikal. This is not the largest tributary of the great lake, but it can be listed among the most picturesque ones. Originating in the foothills of the Primorsky ridge, the river descends through various landscapes - majestic mountains, endless steppes and emerald green meadows. If Anga in the upper reaches is a raging mountain stream, then coming closer to Elantsy the river becomes peaceful and calm. Interestingly, you can find rock paintings of ancient people along the river, among the mountains.

The village of Elantsy seems to be sandwiched between the rocks, just like the Anga River. The name of the village is often interpreted as "a hollow", "a gorge". The surrounding mountains create a special microclimate. Local climate is considered to be a little warmer here than in the valleys around Elantsy. Local mountains and hills also influence local livestock. When you are in Elantsy, do not be surprised at the cows climbing steep cliffs.

The rocks around the village are very picturesque, especially in the sunlight. As you look at them, you cannot believe that they are real. In the light of the sun, large boulders and stones glow and shine, as if they have been painted.

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