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Cycling tour in the Tajeran Steppe and on the Olkhon Island

This trip, made for lovers of cycling tours, will let you enjoy the surrounding nature and fresh Baikal wind, and revive with unique energy of Lake Baikal.

Все дни

Day 1/ Irkutsk

Arrival to Irkutsk. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the city center. Accommodation in guest rooms (hotel on request). After a short rest - walk on your own (excursion with accompaniment of a guide on request). You will be able to see a historical quarter of the wooden city, museums of Decembrists, museums of history and ethnography, the center of the city and the embankments of Angara. Preparation for the tour, rent or purchase of missing equipment for the tour.

Dinner and overnight in guest rooms.

Day 2/ Cape Krestovskiy. 15 km

Departure by minibus (individual car on request) in direction of the Olkhon Island (200 km). Lunch at the roadside cafe, tasting dishes of Buryat cuisine. The beginning of cycling tour: crossing from the cafe "Brigantina" to the farm on the Krestovskiy Cape. 15 km on Steppe by bicycles. Transfer of personal belonngings by private car. Accommodation at the farm, in a wooden house. Walk along the coast of Baikal and in surrounding hills. Full board. Banya in the evening. Baikal omul for dinner.

Day 3/ From Cape Krestovskiy to Ust-Anga. 30 km

Morning cycling in the coastal rocks to rock drawings of Sagan-Zaba - white marble rock near the very coast covered with engravings dating back to the second millennium BC (5 km, about 2 hours). Continuation of the cycling tour through forests and steppe. Interesting places and beautiful scenery. Lunch - picnic. From the river Anga's estuary, crossing to the Elantsy village. Dinner and overnight in house of Buryat Shaman Valentin Khagdaev.

Day 4/ Steppe Tajeran. 40 km

The day begins with cycling on the Tajeran Steppe. The route goes by field roads with visit to the most interesting and beautiful places. Lunch at the roadside cafe. After arrival to the Olkhon Gates strait, ferry to the Olkhon island and transfer to the Khuzhir village - the "capital of the island". Accommodation in guest rooms (tourist center on request). Full board. Walk in the village and to the sacred rock Shamanka (the Burkhan Cape).

Day 5/ Weather station Uzury. 30 km

Continuation of the cycling tour in direction of the northern part of the Olkhon Island. The route goes along the western coast of Olkhon, by steppe, field and forest roads. Beautiful scenery of the Small Sea and the western coast of the Lake Baikal and one of the most beautiful places - rocks of northeast coast of the island. Accommodation with Full Board Meals at the weather station, in a wooden guest house or Mongolian Yurt. In the evening - banya with opportunity to cool off in fresh waters of the lake. Smoked omul for dinner.

Day 6/ Mount Izhimey

Day of rest from bicycles. Motor boat will take you to foot of the highest mount of Olkhon - Izhimey mount, 10 km to the east from which, at depth of 1637 meters, there is the deepest place of the Lake Baikal. Climbing on the mount will take about 3-4 hours, but it is not necessary to climb on the mount peak in order to see the Lake Baikal in all its beauty. In the evening - return to Uzury. Banya. Dinner.

It is possible to organize a horse ride to the mount Izhimey peak (on request).

Day 7/ Cape Khoboi. 20 km

In continuation of the cycling tour - excursion to the sacred cape Khoboi. The route goes on the plateau edge, over the rocks of north-east coast of the island, 200 meters from water. After arrival to Cape Khoboi - walk to the northern tip of Olkhon and lunch-picnic. Cycling tour continues in southern direction, towards Khuzhir. Overnight in guest rooms (toursit base on request).

Day 8/ Return to Irkutsk

Departure by minibus (private car on request) to Irkutsk. Ferry across the strait "Olkhon Gates". Lunch at the roadside cafe, dishes of Russian and Buryat cuisine. After arrival to the city, accommodation in guest rooms (hotel/hostel on request).

Free time.

Day 9/ Taltsy and Listvianka

Excursion by private car to the museum of ethnography "Taltsy", which is located on 47th km of the Baikal tract. Then visit to the Listvianka village located on the coast of Baikal, near the source of the Angara river. In Listvianka: visit to the museum of Baikal, where you can see the only freshwater seal in the world and Baikal fish. Visit in the port of Listvianka, fish and souvenir market, art gallery. For lunch: smoked omul, pilaf and shashlyk. In the evening, return to Irkutsk. Overnight in guest rooms (hotel/hostel on request).

Day 10/ Departure

Transfer to the airport/railway station and departure from Irkutsk.

NB: This program can be changed at will. We can increase or reduce the number of days, remove or add places to visit, and also combine several programs into one.
NB: Given that during the trip you will pass through the territory of protected nature areas, we provide your permission to visit these places.

Number of personsCost per person based on double occupancy (usd)
10 people955
8 people990
6 people1030
For a group of less than 6 people and more than 10 peopleon request

Transfers by individual car and minibus according to the program.

Meals according to the program.

Accommodation in guest rooms / houses and / or camp sites according to the program.

Escort of an experienced Russian guide during the route.

Banya according to the program.

Accompaniment car if it is necessary (personal belongings).

Extra charges (optional):

Accommodation at hotel where it is possible.

Individual transfer during the tour.

Supplementary food that is not indicated in the program.

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