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«Krestovskiy - Olkhon island - Ust-Barguzin - Ulan-Ude»

The program of this tour offers you to make an interesting trip to the most beautiful places of the Pribaikalsky National Park and the Olkhon Island. You can admire amazing views of the Baikal ridge. In one of the villages you will meet a Buryat Shaman, visit a Buddhist Temple – Datsan and a village of OId Believers.

Все дни

Day 1 / Cape Krestovskiy.

Arrival to Irkutsk. Transfer to the bus station (individual transfer). Departure for Krestovskiy Cape (minibus/group transfer). Arrival to the Elantsy village. Lunch at the roadside café. Tasting dishes of Buryat cuisine. Individual transfer to the farm. Accommodation at the farm. Walk to the coast of Baikal and surrounding hills. Banya in the evening. Dinner.

Day 2 / Olkhon island.

Breakfast. Departure in direction of the Olkhon Island (individual transfer). Excursion to the Tajeran steppe. Visit to Aya Bay known for its caves, Orso Bay, and Valley of the stone spirits. Lunch. Ferry across the strait "Olkhon Gates". Arrival to the island's "capital" - Khuzhir village (individual transfer). Accommodation at the hotel. Walk in the village, visit to the main attraction of Olkhon Island - sacred Burkhan Cape. Dinner.

Day 3 / Uzury.

Breakfast. Excursion to the northern part of the island. Visit of the cape "Three brothers", one of the sacred places of the Olkhon Island – the cape Khoboi. Accommodation at the meteorological station "Uzuri". Banya in the evening.

Day 4 / Uzury.

Breakfast.Motorboating along rocks of the north-east coast of Olkhon Island. In the afternoon a short trekking to the steppes of Olkhon in surroundings of the meteorological center. A short climbing on peak of the mount "Raba" (800 meters) – on request. Banya in the evening.

Day 5 / Ust-Barguzin.

Breakfast. Early morning transfer to the pier. Embarkation on the motor ship and departure to Ust-Barguzin. Accommodation at the houses of local people. Walk in the village. Banya.

Day 6 / Barguzin Valley.

Breakfast. Full day excursion to the Barguzin Valley. The road passes between the mountains of the Barguzin ridge from one side and winds between numerous villages and the Barguzin valley from the other side. In one of the villages you will be able to meet a Buryat Shaman. Visit to the Buddhist Temple (Datsan), images of dancing goddess Yanzhima, castles Suvo, Inninsky stone garden, the village Barguzin that was famous for its gold mines. Among the main points of interest of Barguzin there are ancient wooden palaces of rich people of the village appeared here more than 100 years ago and the old Jewish cemetery with interesting tombstones of the XIX century. Return to Ust-Barguzin in the evening.

Day 7 / Ulan-Ude

Breakfast. Early departure for Ulan-Ude. After arrival to the city an excursion to the ethnographic museum. Lunch in the traditional Buryat café. Visit of a Buryat yurt, familiarity with the way of life and traditions of Buryat people. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 8 / Ivolginsky Datsan. Village of Old Believers.

Breakfast. Excursion to the Ivolginsky Datsan. Familiarity with Buddhist religion. Place of location of the body of famous Lama - Pandito Khambo Lama XII Dasha Dorji Itigelov.

Lunch in the café. Departure for the village of Old Believers. Familiarity with the way of life, traditions and history of Old Believers. Tasting dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. Return to the place of accommodation in Ulan-Ude.

Day 9 / Irkutsk

Breakfast. Transfer to the railway station and departure by the day train for Irkutsk. For 5 hours the train goes running along the coast of Baikal.

After arrival to Irkutsk transfer to the center of the city, accommodation in hotel. Farewell dinner.

Day 10

Transfer to the railway station/airport. Departure from Irkutsk.

Number of personsCost per person based on double occupancy (usd)
10 people720
8 people725
6 people745
For a group of less than 6 people and more than 10 peopleon request

Total price includes:

Transfers by individual car and by the group minibus(according to the program).

Meals according to the program (except for those that are mentioned with words "on your own")

Accommodation at hotels according to the program.

Accompaniment of an experienced English/French-speaking guide during the whole route

Train tickets

Transfers by motorboat

Extra charges (optional):

Individual transfer during the whole route

Additional meals not mentioned in the program

The program can be organized without English/French speaking guide.

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