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Tazheran steppe

The Tazheran steppe is a unique natural complex on the territory of the Irkutsk region, which has become famous due to the accumulation of many rare and specific minerals.

The Tazheran steppe covers the territory from the Anga river in the South to the Olkhon Gate Strait in the North, located between the shore of lake Baikal in the East and the Primorsky ridge in the West. Length: 35-40 km long, 10-15 km wide.

The landscape of the Tazheran steppe is very diverse, combining hilly terrain, rock outcrops, steppe, sand, pine forests and spruce forests. Many beautiful bays of Lake Baikal are adjacent to the Tazheran steppe, the most famous of which are Krestovka and Sagan-Zaba.

The Tazheran steppe is one of the most interesting geological features on lake Baikal. Precious and semi-precious blue diopside crystals, sapphires, zircons, rubies and multi-colored spinels were found on its territory. One of the new minerals, called tazheranite, was named after The Tazheran steppes. There are minerals found on the territory of the Tazheran steppe that are not found elsewhere on earth, such as azoproite.

Also, the steppe is known for its many caves: Dream, Small and Large Baginskii, Tiktinsky, Oktyabr'skaya, Vologda and Random. Some of them are very large, many caves have glaciers, underground lakes, stalactite formations, stalagmites, as well as traces of ancient human sites.

Another interesting feature of the Tazheran steppe is the numerous mineral lakes located on its territory. Geese, cranes, storks, field and marsh harriers, and other bird species nest on the lakes.