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The Eastern Sayan

The Eastern Sayan is a mountain system in Southern Siberia, located on the territory of Russia (south-east of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, west of Buryatia, south-west of the Irkutsk Region, north-east of Tuva) and Mongolia (north of the Khuvsgel aimag). It stretches from the north-west to the south-east (over 1000 km) from the right bank of the Yenisei to Lake Baikal. Together with the Western Sayan, it forms the Sayan Mountains.

Within the mountain system, there are young volcanic formations (kropotkin, peretolchin volcanoes, etc.).

Among the most notable minerals are gold, graphite, bauxite, asbestos, and phosphorites. The climate of Eastern Sayan is sharply continental-winter in the mountains is long and harsh, summer is short and cool.