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Uzury is a village in the Olkhonsky District of Irkutsk region of Russia, a part of the Khuzhirskiy municipal unit. Located in the Bay Haga-Yaman of Lake Baikal at the Eastern shore of Olkhon Island in 30 km northeast from the municipal unit centre — village Khuzhir.

A permanent meteorological station and a laboratory of the Siberian Institute of the Earth's crust are operating in the village. Population: 9 (2010 Census); consists mainly of the staff of meteorological station.

The Bay Haga-Yaman is known for its archaeological sites of the Neolithic period (4th—2nd millennia BC) and Late Iron Age (5th—10th century AD). In a cave near the village a Neolithic burial was found in 1956. The archaeological findings include fragments of pottery, items made of bone, arrowheads and an axe.