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St. Nicholas Church

Nicholas Innokentievskaya temple is one of the oldest Orthodox churches of Irkutsk. He stands on a hill nearby the train station, and is one of the first monuments, appear before the eyes arrived in this beautiful city. Gilded dome of the temple can be seen from afar, interior evokes a feeling of grandeur, and its history is closely connected with the history of the city of the XIX-XX centuries.

Construction of the stone church began in the second half of the XIX century. This was preceded by treatment suburbanites Glazkova located on the opposite bank of the Angara. Through distance from the center of the faithful could not get there in spring and autumn to the nearest church - a problem that has been spilling the river. Therefore, it was decided to build their own church. In April 1858 the solemn laying of the church.

1898 marked a new stage in the life of Siberia - the beginning of the railway traffic, and the little church of St. Nicholas Innokentievskaya got into the thick of things - very close to the temple had been laid railway station and soon appeared. The priests of the temple met and consecrated the first who arrived in Irkutsk train, and soon began attending church all the people come and go.

In 1933, with St. Nicholas Church Innokentievskaya were removed and transferred to the metal bells, and in 1934 it was seized church property. Icons, utensils and other items were divided between the State Railway Club and Museum. Up to this point, very old building and was on the verge of destruction, but in spite of this, over the next six decades served as a movie theater. Only in the 1990s, the church was declared a monument of architecture and returned to the diocese. At the same time were carried out the restoration work.

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