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Svyatoy Nos

Svyatoy Nos or Holy Nose is a large peninsula on the eastern edge of Lake Baikal, Eastern Siberia, in the Barguzinsky District of the Republic of Buryatia. It is part of the Zabaykalsky (Trans-Baikal) National Park.

The name "Svyatoy Nos" (Святой Нос) means "Holy Nose" in Russian. Russian explorers in the 17th and 18th centuries used the word "nose" to mean "cape". "Holy Nose" originally referred to the southwestern cape of the peninsula (Мыс Нижнее Изголовье),and a (now abandoned) village on that cape. Then the name passed on the whole territory of the peninsula.In the Buryat language, the peninsula is called Hilmen Hushun, which means "sturgeon's muzzle."

There are three small settlements on the Peninsula, all on the west shore of Chivyrkuisky Bay. The largest is Kurbulik at 53.70649°N 109.04083°E, with about a hundred people. The other two settlements, further south, are Katun at 53.67772°N 109.02646°E and Monakhovo at 53.66958°N 109.00625°E.

There is also a place called Glinka near the shore of Barguzinsky Bay, about 1 km southwest of the isthmus (53.59576°N 108.84879°E), with some tourist lodging. which is the start of a popular hiking trail to the top of Mount Markov.

The nearest significant town is Ust-Barguzin, located on the mainland shore, at the mouth of the Barguzin River, just south of the isthmus.

There is a road that leads from Ust-Barguzin and follows along the southern shore of the isthmus until the main island. It then splits into a northeast branch that follows the shore of the island, serving the three settlements and continuing until the Zmeyevaya springs. The southwest branch also follows the shore of the island, passing through the Glinka post and continuing until Cape Makarova (53.57872°N 108.78395°E), the starting point of another hiking trail to the top of Mount Markov.