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Shumak mineral springs

Shumak mineral springs

Shumak mineral springs are located in the south-eastern part of the Eastern Sayan and have more than 100 outlets on the both shores of the mountain river Shumak.

Springs were famous among the local people from ancient times, as evidenced by numerous inscriptions made once on the rocks in the ancient Mongolian and Tibetan languages, providing information about healing properties of the spring and of the rules of drinking water from the point of view of Mongolian and Tibetan medicine.

Not only legends tell about the healing properties of Shumak, but also numerous gifts for spirits of Shumak in treasury - coins, khives, lighters, etc. that you can see almost near each spring.

Shumak waters are carbon, thermal and radon. The chemical composition of mineral water Shumak is mineralized bicarbonate calcium-magnesium water with a high content of dissolved silicon. It differs from each other by the temperature (It ranges from +10 to +42 ˚С), color, mineralization, taste, and also by content of carbon dioxide and radon.

Shumak waters are efficient for treatment of of uric acid diathesis, functional disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, endocrine and metabolic systems, musculoskeletal system, gynecology and urological diseases.

In the area of the springs there are radon and mud baths that help from different articular osteochondrosis.


- you should drink water from 30-60 minutes before or after meals;

- mud bath is only for adults and for not more than 20 minutes;

- radon bath should be taken without plunging the heart area, once a day: up to 10 minutes – for adults, up to 5-7 minutes – for children.

During the excursion on the valley of Shumak springs you can see the rarest for the Baikal region plants: twayblade of the orchid family, Cypripedium macrantho, original fern - Botrypus virginianus. Near the fern there grows blue spruce, relating to a special variety of Siberian spruce. Most of the plants growing here are relicts of the Tertiary period.

On the territory of Shumak springs there are hunter cabins and a small Datsan that became a place of holding religious ceremonies in the valley.

Duration of the excursion: 1,5 - 2 hours

The excursional hiking tours are available for:

- persons not younger than 8 years old, and also from 8 to 16 years old with written parental permission;

- persons, who passed the safety training;

- tourists in boots with hard soles and hard protectors, and clothes that cover to all parts of the body.

The excursional hiking tours are not available for:

- drunk or intoxicated persons;

- persons, who didn't pass the safety training.


Traveling in the highlands is a traumatic rest.

In the case of personal injury as a result of hiking without instructor or not following the safety rules during the excursional hiking tour (accomapnied by instructor) in the valley of Shumak river, tourist is responsible for the consequences of the injury.

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