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Mountain passes. Shumak

Mountain pass «Zoloto»

Mountain pass «Zoloto» view from the river. Narin-Gol

Photo by V. Petukhin

Guided tour to the mountain pass Zoloto passes along the shore of Shumak river, and the by the brook Zolotoy (5-7 km). During the hiking tour you will be able to see beautiful waterfalls on the brook, alpine landforms - cirques with lakes at the foot of the pass. The pass begins before reaching the upper lake - a uniquely expressed descent between the peaks with a rock wall on the hillside, its height is 2600 m. For ascent to the pass special equipment is required, stones can fall down. During the excursion it is possible to make a picnic on the lake shore.

Mountain pass of «Three Captains»

Mountain pass of «Three captains»

Photo by Alexander Bunkov

Guided tour to the observation peak - peak of «Three captains» (the height of 2390 m) passes by the right shore of the river Shumak, and then along the brook with cascading waterfalls and small sinks (duration of the excursion - 5 hours). The pass connects the rivers Perevalnaya and Shumak. From the mountain pass there is a beautiful view on peaks of Tunkinskie loaches.

Mountain pass «Shumaksky"

Shumaksky mountain pass. View from Shumaksky mountain pass on the river Ekhe-Ger valley.

Photo by Sergey Nikolaev

The mountain pass «Shumaksky» connects valleys of the rivers Ekhe-Ger and Levy Shumak. The height of the pass is 2760 meters. From Shumak springs there is a trail in the forest zone, along the river shore. Approximately in 10 kilometers the forest becomes alpine meadows and rocky placers (kurumniki). Just above the timberline three rivers flow together, here Levy Shumak forms. You can also see here the most beautiful waterfall. The water falls into a deep canyon with a height of 30 meters. Then the trail passes along the middle stream, where in about 1,5 kilometers of ascent, from the left side there is a view on a mountain cirque and a large lake. The cirque is divided into two parts by a small branch. Ascent on the pass is steep, from 30 to 50 degree on the last few meters. The crest of the pass is narrow, about two meters. On the saddle of the pass there is an "obo" and a beautiful view on the valley of Ekhe-Ger river. The route with the ascent to "Shumaksky 'pass is intended for two days, but you can just walk to the lake or see the waterfall, and in the evening come back to Shumak springs. Passing by the route and ascending on the peak of the mountain pass you can fully enjoy the beauty and power of the Eastern Sayan Mountains.

The excursional hiking tours are available for:

- persons not younger than 8 years old, and also from 8 to 16 years old with written parental permission;

- persons, who passed the safety training;

- tourists in boots with hard soles and hard protectors, and clothes that cover to all parts of the body.

The excursional hiking tours are not available for:

- drunk or intoxicated persons;

- persons, who didn't pass the safety training.


Traveling in the highlands is a traumatic rest.

In the case of personal injury as a result of hiking without instructor or not following the safety rules during the excursional hiking tour (accomapnied by instructor) in the valley of Shumak river, tourist is responsible for the consequences of the injury.

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