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From Sayan Mountains to Olkhon Island.

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

The winter Siberian nature charms. Especially you can feel it standing on the coast of a huge lake covered with the purest clear ice; you feel its windy breath. Exactly in this moment, you begin to feel all the versatility of life and to draw in a great lungful. This tour offers you to plunge into a Siberian winter fairytale and see the most beautiful and visited places - Spa and Mountain resort Arshan, famous for its mineral springs village Zhemchug, as well as the heart of the Lake Baikal – Olkhon Island.

Все дни

Day 1/ Irkutsk.

Arrival to Irkutsk. Accommodation in guest rooms in the center of the city. City tour with visit to the 130th quarter, as well as to the regional museum and the Decembrists' Museum. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2/ Arshan.

Departure to the Tunka valley . The most beautiful road with numerous serpentines, steep climbs and descents, passes in the southern part of Baikal. In a three hours arrival in the village Arshan. It is situated at the foot of The Eastern Sayan Mountains that are also called Siberian Alpes. Accommodation in the hotel/tourist center. Walk in the village. Visit to the market of Mongolian goods, herbs and pine nuts. Tasting mineral water, for which Arshan is famous.

Day 3/ Arshan.

Visit of Datsan – Buddhist temple during the morning public prayer.

Excursion to the canyon of the river Kyngarga (from Buryat language – "shaman tambourine"), famous for its waterfalls. It is possible to organize a small trekking to the deep into the canyon of the river. Lunch - dishes of Buryat cuisine. In the evening, return to Irkutsk. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 4/ Village Zhemchug.

Visit to the village Zhemchug famous for its mineral springs. Return to Irkutsk. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 5/ Cape Krestovskiy.

Departure to the Krestovsky Cape Lunch at the roadside cafe. Tasting dishes of the Buryat cuisine. Accommodation on the farm. Walk along the coast of Baikal and the surrounding hills. Russian banya. Dinner.

Day 6/ Village Khuzhir.

Excursion to the sacred place of Shamans – a rock with ancient drawings of Sagan-Zaba Cliff . Crossing the ice, skating through the strait "Gates of Olkhon". Arrival in the "capital" of the island – village Khuzhir. Walk in the village, visit of the main place of interest of Olkhon – the sacred Burkhan Cape. Accommodation at the tourist center "Nikita's Homestead". Banya in the evening. Dinner.

Day 7/ Meteorological station "Uzuri".

Excursion by mini-bus on ice to the northern part of the island. Visit of the cape "Three brothers", one of the most sacred places of Olkhon Island – sacred cape Khoboy Bay. Accommodation on the Meteorological station "Uzuri". Banya in the evening. Dinner.

Day 8/ Meteorological station "Uzuri".

Walk to the white marble rocks and climbing on the mountain Raba, from which you will be able to admire the beautiful view of the frozen lake and the northern and western parts of the island. Walk on the ice. Ice fishing on request. Return to the station. Dinner.

Day 9/ Irkutsk.

Return to Irkutsk. Accommodation and dinner in guest rooms in the center of the city (hotel on request).

Day 10/ Listvianka.

Excursion to the village Listvianka. On the way to Listvyanka - excursion to the Museum of Wooden Architecture Taltsy Museum. Visit of the museum of Baikal in Listvianka with such exhibits as fish of the lake and the famous Baikal seal – the only freshwater seal in the world. Walk in the village, visit of port, fish and souvenirs markets, art gallery and the wooden St. Nicholas Church. Smoked Baikal omul for lunch. In the evening, return to the hotel in Irkutsk. Dinner.

Day 11/ Irkutsk.

Transfer to the railway station/airport. Departure from Irkutsk.

NB: This program can be changed at will. We can increase or reduce the number of days, remove or add places to visit, and also combine several programs into one.
NB: Given that during the trip you will pass through the territory of protected nature areas, we provide your permission to visit these places.

The total price includes

  • Individual transfers according to the program by car;
  • Meals according to the program (except the meals mentioned in the program with the words "by yourself");
  • Accommodation in guest rooms/houses/tourist centers according to the program;
  • Accompaniment of an experienced English-speaking guide during the whole trip;
  • Entrance tickets to museums according to the program;
  • Travel equipment (mats, plates and dishes, tents and etc.) that are necessary in the whole route;
  • Banya according to the program;
  • Car of accompaniment (personal belongings of tourists, plates and dishes, tents, food) if it is necessary during this tour;

Extra charges (optional):

  • Additional payment for accommodation at hotel during the trip where it is possible;
  • Individual transfer on the route;
  • Additional meals not mentioned in the program.
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