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Excursion to Listvianka village

Arriving in Irkutsk, it is impossible not to visit Lake Baikal. The shortest road to the lake - by Baikal tract (road) to 72 km, where this beautiuful place, old village of Russian people at Lake Baikal Listvianka is located. You will have an opportunity to see Baikal and learn about the unique local culture, taste the famous Baikal omul and enjoy the beauty of local scenery, and for the the bravest people - to plunge into the sacred waters of the great lake.

Attractions visited during the excursion:

- Museum of wooden architecture «Taltsy» ( the unique open-air museum, Siberian ethnic cultural center)

- Baikal museum ( branch of the Limnological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences - the only museum entirely dedicated to the study of the history of Baikal, its flora and fauna)

- Shaman-rock ( symbol of Baikal, sacred rock at the source of the river Angara)

- Stone Cherskogo (viewing platform with beautiful views on the source of Angara, where you can take a cable car in order to get there)

- Art gallery ( place, bringing together artists, poets and photographers from around the world by a common sense - love to Baikal)

- Nerpinary (seal - the only freshwater seal in the world). It is almost impossible to see it in the natural environment because of its fearfulness. You will have a unique opportunity to see seals at arm's length and watch their entertaining game program).

- Church of Saint Nicolas (virtually the only historic architectural monument of the village)

- Fish/souvenir market (place, where you can buy fresh omul - fish that lives only in Baikal, and also find souvenirs for every taste and budget)


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