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Baikal motorboat tour with visiting Buryatia.

.The proposed tour will allow you to make a fascinating journey through the glorious sea-the sacred Baikal to the most inaccessible and wild places of the Baikal National Park. And thanks to a modern boat with a powerful engine, the travel time will be significantly reduced in favor of exciting walks in protected taiga places. You will also be able to plunge into the culture of the Buryat people and visit the most sacred places of the Republic of Buryatia.

Все дни

1 day/ Irkutsk

Arrival in Irkutsk. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the city center. Accommodation in guest rooms (hotel on request). After a short rest, take a self-guided walk around the city( guided tour on request). You can see the historical quarter of wooden Irkutsk, the museums of the Decembrists, history and ethnography, the city center and the Angara embankments. Final preparations for the journey. Check your equipment. Due to the limited amount of luggage compartments of the boat, each participant of the tour will be given a 70-liter waterproof bag, where you will need to transfer all your personal belongings (small backpacks, which will contain your cameras, video cameras, first aid kits, etc., can be left with you).

Dinner and overnight in the guest rooms.

Day 2/ Khuzhir village

Departure to Lake Baikal, in the direction of Olkhon Island. On the way, stop for lunch at a roadside cafe. Tasting of traditional Buryat cuisine: buzy, sagudai, buchler and tarasun. Ferry crossing through the Olkhonsky Vorota Strait. Arrival in the" capital " of the island, the village of Khuzhir. Accommodation at the campsite in double rooms. A walk through the village with a visit to the main attraction of Olkhon-the sacred cape Burhan.

Day 3 / Uzury

After breakfast, pick up a minibus and transfer to the Uzury weather station. But first, visit the sights of the northern part of the island. Among them — Cape Khoboy, the northern tip of Olkhon. A state-protected sacred place for shamanists.

After an unforgettable walk through the Olkhon steppes, accommodation at the weather station. Evening walk on the rocks surrounding the station, painted by the setting sun in a bright orange color. In the evening, banya, dinner and overnight in guest houses.

Day 4/Cape Pokoyniki

In the morning, loading into the boat and heading north in the direction of the Baikal-Lena Nature Reserve. Along the way, a view of Cape Khoboy from the water. After an hour and a half of navigation, stop at the famous and mysterious Cape Rytyi, known for its unsolved mysteries and visited by UFOs. Arrival at the cape of the Dead. Two-kilometer walk to the weather station "Solnechnaya". Overnight at the station.

Day 5/ Zavorotnaya Bay

Departure before dawn, for the purpose of observing animals: bear, raisin, roe deer, at the forest lake on Cape Bolshoy Solontsovy. Continue to Zavorotnaya Bay. Accommodation in a small winter quarters and a Mongolian felt yurt. After lunch, a boat trip along the western shore, with the aim of observing animals and viewing the beauty of Lake Baikal. Visit to the hut of Sylvain Tesson, a young French writer who spent 6 months in isolation from civilization in it, and wrote a book about it. After sunset, return to Zavorotnaya. Evening at the campfire.

Day 6/ Ushkany Islands

Crossing of Lake Baikal from west to east. Transfer to the Ushkany Islands . The opportunity to visit the rookery of the freshwater seal-seal, endemic to Lake Baikal. A walk on the island of Bolshoy Ushkaniy, famous for its anthills. Their density per 1 square kilometer is the highest in the world. Overnight at the weather station. Banya. Evening at the campfire.

Day 7/ Chivyrkuy Bay

After breakfast, proceed to the coast of the Holy Nose Peninsula. One of the wildest places of Lake Baikal, almost uninhabited by man. Navigation along the peninsula, the possibility of observing bears, fishing.

For lunch, arrive in Chivyrkuy Bay, one of the most beautiful and rich in fish places of the lake. Chivyrkuy is also known for its thermal springs of Zmeinaya Bay, after swimming in which, a fishing session in one of the bays. In the evening, transfer to Ust-Barguzin. Banya. Overnight in double guest rooms.

Day 8/ Barguzin Valley

Full-day excursion to one of the most beautiful places of the Republic of Buryatia — the Barguzin Valley. Here you will see unique natural landscapes: a wide valley bounded on both sides by mountain ranges, high mountains with snow-capped peaks and a river winding among small villages. In one of these settlements, you will meet with a Buryat shaman, who will introduce you to the basics of shamanism and conduct a small ritual. In the afternoon, walk through the village of Barguzin-formerly known for its gold miners. Among other attractions of Barguzin, the old Jewish cemetery with the most interesting tombstones of the XIX century and the old wooden palaces of the wealthy residents of the village, which saw their heyday more than a hundred years ago. In the evening, arrive in Ust-Barguzin. Overnight in a guest house with local residents.

Day 9/ Ulan-Ude

Early departure to Ulan-Ude. The scenic road following along Lake Baikal will take you to the capital of Buryatia. Upon arrival in the city, an excursion to the ethnographic museum. In the afternoon, a visit to the Buryat village with a visit to the traditional yurt and acquaintance with the life and traditions of the Buryat people. Accommodation in a hotel in the city center. Evening walk.

Day 10/ Ivolginsky datsan. Old Believers

The day will begin with an excursion to the Ivolginsky Datsan — a large Buddhist monastery complex, one of the main centers of Buddhism in Russia. In one of the temples of Datsan, the incorruptible body of Pandito Hambo Lama XII Dasha — Dorji Itigelov is kept. After lunch in a cafe, you will go to one of the Old Believer villages, where you will get acquainted with the history, traditions and life of the Old Believers. For lunch, you will taste traditional Russian cuisine. In the evening, leave for the train station and board the night train to Irkutsk. Overnight in a train compartment.

Day 11/ Irkutsk

Arrival in Irkutsk and transfer to the city center. Accommodation in guest rooms (hotel on request).Breakfast.Free time.

Day 12/ Departure.

Transfer to the train station / airport. Departure from Irkutsk.

Tour price:

Number of peopleCost per person for double occupancy (usd)
10 people950
8 people960
6 people1070
For a group of less than 6 people and more than 10 peopleon request

The tour price includes:

Transfers by private car and minibus.

Meals full board according to the program (except for what is indicated " on your own»)

Accommodation in guest rooms/houses and/or camp sites according to the program.

Accompanied by an experienced Russian-speaking guide throughout the entire route (except day #1).

Tour. accessories (mats, dishes, tents, etc.) necessary throughout the entire route.

Banya according to the program.

Additional charge( optional):

Guided city tours on day 1

Accommodation in a hotel along the route where possible.

Private transfer along the entire route.

Additional meals not specified in the program.

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Duration (in days):


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