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The Golden ring of Baikal – cruise with hiking

The program of this tour offers you to take the most comfortable trip on Lake Baikal. The Cruise on a ship with double cabins, shower, WC and mess-room will let you without much effort get unforgettable impressions from visiting the most interesting, scenic and reserved places of Baikal, to observe wild bears, to see the famous Ushkany Islands - Baikal seal rookery. Also you will be able to take a closer look at Buryat people's culture, meet a Shaman, and visit the Buddhist Datsan and a village of Old Believers.

Все дни

Day 1/ Listvianka

Arrival to Irkutsk. Transfer to the village Listvianka with a guide (individual transfer). Visit of the museum of wooden architecture "Taltsy" on the way to Listvianka. Visit of the museum of Baikal in Listvianka with such exhibits as fish of the lake and the famous Baikal seal – the only freshwater seal in the world. Walk in the village, visit of port, fish and souvenirs markets, art gallery and the wooden church of Saint Nicolas. Smoked Baikal omul for lunch. Embarkation on a ship and sailing to the bay Peschanaya (Sandy). Overnight on the ship in double cabins.

Day 2/ Peschanaya Bay

Visit to the Baklaniy Stone. Walk on the coast of Baikal to Peschanaya Bay. Familiarity with one of the most beautiful places on the lake. Scenic cliffs are similar to the abandoned castles and trees on "stilts". Sunbathing on one of the best beaches of Baikal. Russian banya with swimming in the lake. Overnight on the ship.

Day 3/ Zagli Bay - Olkhon Island

With sunrise the ship begins to sail in direction of Cape Krestovskiy (6 hours on the way). Visit of a sacred place of Buryat Shamans – white marble cliff Sagan-Zaba with ancient drawings. Arrival to the southern part of the Olkhon Island in the afternoon. Walk on the steppe of Olkhon with climbing on one of the surrounding hills with beautiful views on the southern part of the island, mouth of the river Sarma, the Small Sea and the Olkhon Gates Strait. Dinner and Evening campfire. Overnight on the ship.

Day 4/ Uzuri - Olkhon Island

Departure for the Small Sea (strait separating Olkhon Island from the western coast of Baikal) through the Olkhon Gates (strait separating the southern part of Olkhon Island from the "Big Land". Past the cape "Kobylya golova" (Head of a mare) to the biggest island of the Small Sea – Ogoi Island. Visit to the island with climbing to the Buddhist Stupa of clearing. Way to the "capital" of Olkhon Island – village Khuzhir. After arrival to the port of Khuzhir, walk in the village with visit to the main point of interest of the island and its visit card – the sacred cape Burkhan (Shamanka). Then we sail to the northern part of the island along the Small Sea coast to the picturesque and sacred cape Khoboi. When our ship doubles the cape, it will sail along the150 meters high cliffs of north-east Coast of Olkhon Island. Arrival to the meteorological station Uzuri situated in a bay with the same name – one more beautiful place. In the evening there will be a walk on the cliffs surrounding the bay. From these places there is an amazing view of "Big Baikal". Dinner on the meteorological station. Overnight on the ship.

Day 5/ Coast of Brown Bears

Night transfer along the western coast of Baikal to the Baikal-Lena Reserve. This part of the coast is called "Coast of Brown Bears". Due to the remoteness of the place from the nearest settlements and the favorable living conditions in summer, there are a lot of bears here. From the end of May till July often it is possible to see some bears that in the same time came out from the forest searching for food. Except bears there are such animals as Siberian deer, roe-deer and other species. Usually observation of animals is held in the morning and evening hours. Visit to the most picturesque places of the coast. Disembarkation on the coast and a walk. Evening near the campfire. Overnight on the ship.

Day 6/ Baikal-Lena Reserve

Early departure in direction of Cape Large Solontsovy. Walk in the mountains – easy climbing to the waterfall in a few kilometers from the coast. On the way it is possible to see the latest footprints of wild animals. In a hundred meters from the waterfall from the hillside there is a beautiful panorama of the central part of Baikal, the Ushkany Islands, the peninsula Svyatoy Nos, the Barguzin ridge.

In the afternoon visit to the most picturesque cape Small Solontsovy: a small lagoon lake is separated from Baikal with pebbles, Siberian taiga and the peaks of Baikal Ridge Mountains. This picture will not leave anyone indifferent. The Evening campfire and Overnight on the ship.

Day 7/ Ushkaniy Islands - Chivyrkuisky Bay

With sunrise our ship continues to sail in direction of the eastern coast of Baikal. The first stop is on the Ushkaniy Islands – the largest rookery of the world's only freshwater seal - the Baikal seal. Fishing on the ship in the afternoon near the coast of Svyatoy Nos Peninsula. Arrival to the warmest bay of the lake – Chivyrkuisky Bay. Fishing for pike, perch, burbot, cisco, and grayling. Bathing in thermal springs of the Snake Bay. Visit the fishing village Kurbulik. Evening campfire. Overnight on the ship. End of the "water" part of the tour.

Day 8/ Barguzin valley

Full day excursion to one of the most beautiful places of Buryatia Republic – the Barguzin Valley. Here you will see unique natural scenery: the wide valley bounded on two sides by mountain ranges, high mountains with snow-capped peaks and the river, winding among the small villages. In one of such villages you will meet a Buryat Shaman who will introduce the basics of shamanism to you and hold a small ritual. Walk in the village Barguzin famous for its gold miners in the afternoon. Among other points of interest of Barguzin there are ancient wooden palaces of rich people of the village appeared here more than 100 years ago and the old Jewish cemetery with interesting tombstones of the XIX century. Arrival in Ust-Barguzin in the evening. Overnight in a guest house of local people.

Day 9/ Ulan-Ude

Early departure to Ulan-Ude. Picturesque road along Baikal will lead you to the capital of Buryatia. After arrival to the city an excursion to the ethnographic museum. In the afternoon you will visit the Buryat village and see a traditional yurt, know more about way of life and traditions of Buryat people. Accommodation in guest rooms in center of the city (at hotel – on request). Walk in the evening.

Day 10/ Ivolginsky Datsan - Old Believers

The day begins with an excursion to Ivolginsky Datsan – a large Buddhist monastery complex, one of the main centers of Buddhism in Russia. In one of the Datsan Temples the body of famous Lama - Pandito Khambo Lama XII Dasha Dorji Itigelov is located. After lunch at the café you will go to one of the Old Believers' village where you will know about their way of life and traditions. For dinner you will taste dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. Departure to the railway station in the evening. Night train to Irkutsk. Overnight in compartment of the train.

Day 11/ Irkutsk

Arrival to Irkutsk and transfer to the center of the city. Accommodation in guest rooms (at hotel – on request). City tour with visit of the main points of interest: houses-museums of Decembrists Volkonsky and Trubetskoy, streets with ancient wooden houses and a new entertainment center of Irkutsk - 130 quarter, Angara embankment.

Day 12 / Departure

Transfer to the railway station/airport. Departure from Irkutsk.

NB: This program can be changed at will. We can increase or reduce the number of days, remove or add places to visit, and also combine several programs into one.
NB: Given that during the trip you will pass through the territory of protected nature areas, we provide your permission to visit these places.

Number of personsCost per person based on double occupancy
10 people
8 people
6 people
For a group of less than 6 people and more than 10 peopleon request

The total price includes:

  • Individual transfers by car of transfers by minibus;
  • Transfers by ship;
  • Accommodation in guest houses/guest rooms/tourist centers and on a ship according to the program;
  • Meals according to the program – FB;
  • Accompaniment of an experienced English-speaking guide on the whole route;
  • Entrance tickets in museums according to the program;
  • Banya according to the program.

Extra charges (optional):

  • Additional payment for accommodation at hotel during the trip where it is possible;
  • Individual transfer on the route;
  • Additional meals not mentioned in the program.
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Елена К.
17.04.2015 12:00
Наш тур был в 2014 году в июле. Планировали его совсем заранее и были большие опасения, что уровень комфорта может не устроить. Но были очень приятно удивлены тем, что всё было на очень достойном уровне. Мы изменили программу в части проживания и останавливались в отелях, конечно, если была такая возможность. Но даже там, где не было отелей и нас принимали местные жители нам было достаточно комфортно, не смотря на стесненные условия проживания. Люди очень приятные и отзывчивые. Общие впечатления о Байкале я даже не буду описывать. Всё прекрасно!!! Особенное спасибо гиду Наталье!!!