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Irkutsk received the title of "City of labor valor»

Irkutsk was awarded the title "City of labor valor". The decision was made by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In September 2020, it is planned to install a memorial stele in honor of this, the press service of the city hall reports.

The stele is planned to be placed near the memorial "Eternal flame of glory". This is a significant place for Irkutsk residents, where everyone can pay tribute to the veterans and home front workers. The memorial sign will be a granite structure, which will depict the city's coat of arms, as well as the text of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on awarding Irkutsk the honorary title of the City of labor valor. The opening of the monument is planned to coincide with the end of the Second world war.

By the beginning of the great Patriotic war, more than 20 large industrial enterprises, 10 trusts and bases were operating in Irkutsk. In the first months of the war, Irkutsk received more than 20 different evacuated factories, deployed 28 evacuation hospitals, where about 103,000 wounded soldiers of the red army were treated. In 1986, Irkutsk was awarded the order of the October revolution with the wording "... For the great merits of the workers of the city of Irkutsk and their contribution to the fight against the German-fascist invaders during the great Patriotic war".

According to Vostok-Teleinform news Agency ,

08.07.2020 14:40


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