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Along the shore of the Lake Baikal

Our trekking tour that is suitable for advanced travelers as well as for beginners will let you plunge into the wild Baikal nature and enjoy the beauty of the "pearl of Siberia".

You will visit the most beautiful and sacred places of Pribaikalsky National Park and see all the variety of landscapes from steppe to taiga. Besides trekking you will have an opportunity to learn about Irkutsk history and way of life of inhabitants of Siberia.

Все дни

Day 1/ Irkutsk.

Arrival to Irkutsk. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the downtown.
(individual transfer). Accommodation in guest rooms (at hotel on request). After a short rest, walk in the city on your own (excursion with guide on request). You will be able to see the historic 130th quarter of wooden Irkutsk, museum of Decembrists, museum of ethnography, center of the city and embankments of the Angara river. Preparing for the tour, rental or purchase of equipment for the tour.
Dinner and overnight in guest rooms.

Day 2/ Krestovsky Cape.

Breakfast. Departure for Krestovsky Cape (by minibus). Lunch at the roadside cafe. Tasting dishes of Buryat cuisine. Stop and hiking (5-6 km) to the nice farm with overnight. Walk along the shore of the Lake Baikal and the surrounding hills.

Banya in the evening. Dinner.

Day 3/ Krestovsky Cape

Breakfast. Walk (2-3 hours) to Sagan-Zaba Cape. 1-day trekking on steppe and forest (with lunch). Evening at the bay near the campfire. Dinner. Overnight in tent.

Day 4/ Olkhon Island

Breakfast. Departure in direction of Olkhon Island (individual transfer). Ferry across the strait Olkhon Gates. Arrival to the "capital" of the island - Khuzhir village (individual transfer). Accommodation at the tourist center. Walk in the village, visit to the main place of interest - the sacred Burkhan Cape. Banya in the evening. Dinner.

Day 5/ Olkhon Island

Breakfast. Trekking in the western part of the island to Peschanaya Bay (6 hours). Accommodation at tent on the shore of the lake or in the forest. Sightseeing. Dinner.

Day 6/ Uzury

Breakfast. Trekking to the eastern part of the island to the weather station Uzury (4-5 hours). Lunch. One part of the road will pass along the Small Sea coast, and another - through taiga. Accommodation at tent near the station on the coast of Baikal. Banya and omul for dinner in the evening (on request fishing is possible).

Day 7/ Uzury

Breakfast. Tour by motor boat along the cliffs of the northeast coast of the Olkhon Island to the Izhimei mount (the highest point of the island - 1274 m). Climbing the mountain, from which you can admire views on unique landscapes of the island. Lunch. In the evening return to the station (5 hours with the descent). Depending on the level of physical fitness of the group it is possible to make an easier route. Dinner at the tent.

Day 8/ Olkhon Island

Breakfast. Trekking along the cliffs to the very northern point of the island - Khoboi Cape (4-5 hours). Ukha with omul for lunch. After lunch return to Khuzhir village by minibus. Accommodation at tent at the coast of the Lake Baikal near the Burkhan Cape. Dinner.

Day 9/ Irkutsk

Breakfast. Transfer to the southern part of the island, to the ferry across the strait Olkhon Gates. Return to Irkutsk (minibus). On the way lunch at the roadside Buryat cafe. After arrival to Irkutsk accommodation in the city center in guest rooms (hotel on request). Dinner.

Day 10/ Bolshye Koty

Breakfast. Transfer to the berth "Raketa" (individual transfer). Embarkation on motor ship and departure to Bolshye Koty village (packed lunch-boxes). After arrival accommodation at the tourist center or guest rooms. Walk in the village and along the coast of Baikal. Dinner. Evening near campfire. Banya.

Day 11/ Listvianka

After breakfast hiking to Listvianka (18 km). The trail passes over the coast of Baikal and then goes up to Pribaikalsky ridge. Lunch. After the mountain pass the trail descends to Listvianka on the valley of Krestovka river. Accommodation in guest rooms / at tourist center. Dinner.

Day 12/ Listvianka

Breakfast. Excursion in the village Listvianka. Visit to the museum of Baikal, where you will see Baikal fish and seal - the only freshwater seal in the world - in aquariums. Walk in the village, visit to the port, fish and souvenir markets, art gallery, church of Saint Nicolas. Smoked Baikal omul for lunch. Departure for Irkutsk. On the way, excursion to the museum of wooden architecture "Taltsy". After arrival to Irkutsk (individual tranfser), accommodation in guest rooms in the city center (hotel on request). Dinner.

Day 13.

Transfer to the railway station/airport. Departure from Irkutsk (individual transfer).

Number of personsCost per person based on double occupancy (usd)
10 people1130
8 people1160
6 people1190
For a group of less than 6 people and more than 10 peopleon request

The tour price includes:

Transfers by individual car or minibus.

Transfers by motor ship from the berth "Raketa" and by motor boat.

Meals according to the program (except those that are mentioned as "on your own").

Accommodation at guest rooms/houses and/or tourist centers according to the program.

Accompaniment of an experienced Russian-speaking guide during the whole route (except the 1st day).

Entrance tickets for museums according to the program.

Travel equipment (mats, plates and dishes, tents, etc.) necessary during the whole trip.

Banya according to the program.

Accompaniment car (personal belongings, plates and dishes, food (3,5,6,8 days)).

Extra charged (optional):

Excursions in the city with guide for the 1st day

Accommodation at hotel on the route where it is possible

Individual transfer on the whole route

Additional meals not mentioned in the program

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